Lucinda E. Clark rated (5 stars)

I was intrigued by the title and having visited Saigon recently I bought this book. What a refreshing story – the early days of the Vietnam War seen through the eyes of a 12 year old girl. Clear-sighted, entertaining, caring, understand and empathetic. How much better the world would be if people like that were in charge.

I say refreshing, because here was a young woman prepared to open her eyes and try to understand another culture and not feel they should be Americanized / Westernized. I applaud her for that openness and what little she managed to learn, mainly from Nam the cook she has shared with us. Thank you.

Anne Peachey rated (5 stars)

What a wonderful book to read. I am amazed at the Author’s recall of her time in Saigon. I was living the experiences through Kathy Dobronyi’s words.

Her attention to detail is superb and I would really love to read this same story through an adult’s eyes. It is refreshing even though there is danger around her. Kathy’s introduction to Saigon in 1963 is as an Army Brat travelling to Vietnam to her Father’s latest posting. The whole relocation and establishing their new home is treated differently What a wonderful book to read. I am amazed at the Author’s recall of her time in Saigon. I was living the experiences through Kathy Dobronyi’s words.

There is danger, drama, bombings, Monks committing suicide and danger from North Viet Nam. There is a lot of Viet Nam’s history told to young Kathy by the families houseboy/cook, Nam. He becomes her best friend and Teacher. Kathy’s respect for Nam shines through. Well researched and edited. Definitely an enjoyable read that I had trouble putting down as I was totally engrossed in it.

Faye Kufahl rated (5 stars)

If you want to read a page-turner, Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix by Kathy Conner Dobronyi is your book. This book will take you back in time to Viet Nam during the beginning of the war. It will allow you to experience the sights, smells and adventures of a young girl. The story is woven to include the reader to understand not only the political happenings, but also the emotional results of bombings, fear and war.

You will feel pain as friends leave her and people she knows and loves such as Nam, are never seen again. This was not the world she asked for, but the world she got, … and Kathy made the best out of extreme circumstances. Read the book and soak up a little part of history that is rarely thought of anymore.

Gene Christy rated (5 stars)
A great book. It is so well written that you feel as though you are having a conversation. The topics are interesting and if you are of an age that the Vietnam War was a part of your life, it engages you. Plus, there are perspectives on situations that I never saw written before and seemed very logical and accurate. I gladly recommend it.

 George Hanna rated (5 stars)

 Wow. Best book I have read since The Death of Santini. We were stationed in Saigon ’60-’62. As I read it I could almost feel the heat and humidity as well as smelling the different aromas of the market and streets. My sisters and brother also attended the American Community School. A real great read.