I love books. I love holding the paper in my hands and turning pages. I love to scan the shelves to choose a book to read. I love to pick up an old book printed decades before I was born and savor its history. There’s something about holding a book in my hands that makes it very personal.

Readers now have other choices. One of them is the growing popularity of ebooks. Why?

  1. Portable as long as an e-book reader is available.
  2. Interactive. E-books are in digital format giving access to many functions such as search, bookmark, digital notes and even zoom.
  3. Readability. Many e-book readers have features that illuminate the words without extra lighting that may bother others. For those who need larger print, fonts may be enlarged.
  4. Durability. Although books show their age through wear and tear, ebooks do not because they are stored in devices readily available as long as these readers are working.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness. E-books can be downloaded from Internet library sites and on-line bookstores. It’s also true that e-books are cheaper than paper books to produce.

If these are your arguments, Under the Wings of a Good Luck Phoenix is also available in a Kindle edition.