Author: Kathy Dobronyi

Military Brats in Transit

Saigon Pedicab 1963

Saigon Pedicab 1963


Military Brats are always waiting for reassignment orders. We are at the mercy of the Defense Department

This creates interesting problems especially with schools. I rarely attended the same school year after year. Teachers never got to know me. Friends were for the moment. Memories made in passing. Continue reading

My life begins…again and again.

Fort Monmouth Front Gate

I’m a military brat and proud of it.

My father was in the Army for 25 years. He enlisted in 1943. I was born at Fort Monmouth, baptized at Fort Meade. I lived at Pearl Harbor and Schofield Barracks on Hawaii. When others read about the scars of war left by the Japanese attack 7 December 1941,  they don’t know my story. The Japanese not only dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor and Hickam Air Field, they dropped them on the Army post north of Honolulu.

When I was living in Schofield Barracks, I knew a boy wandering in the woods who discovered a Japanese bomb dropped in the area. Thinking it was a dud, he picked it up. His hand was blown off. Unfortunately, the bomb was live, waiting eighteen years to explode. Continue reading

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