Military Brats in Transit

Saigon Pedicab 1963
Saigon Pedicab 1963


Military Brats are always waiting for reassignment orders. We are at the mercy of the Defense Department

This creates interesting problems especially with schools. I rarely attended the same school year after year. Teachers never got to know me. Friends were for the moment. Memories made in passing.

In my early years, I played school girl coming to class with a bright shiny face, polished shoes, ironed dresses, and a hand ready to be raised to answer any question.

Teachers loved me; students hated me. I was a know-it-all.

In truth, I loved learning for learning’s sake.

  • Did ants hurt when I stepped on them?
  • Were live butterflies impaled to make the museum display?
  • What people lived in Arizona before I arrived in 1956?
  • Why did New England missionaries persecute Hawaiians?
  • Why were Mexican students treated differently in my kindergarten class?

Army brats have questions. Some they can ask; some they cannot. They can’t ask questions concerning military protocol. Never question authority and tradition.

Because they are exposed to more of the world, they ask questions. If they’re lucky, they get answers.