Month: March 2015

Socialized Medicine Army Style

Military brats know about socialized medicine because for most of us life begins in a military hospital Peterson Army Hospitalunder the care of military doctors and personnel.

I never had a civilian doctor until I married in 1970. I never had a family doctor who treated my childhood illnesses. I had shot records my mother kept safe and available, proof that I had up-to-date inoculations. All medical records were carried from post to post, base to base. SOP Continue reading

Military Brats in Transit

Saigon Pedicab 1963

Saigon Pedicab 1963


Military Brats are always waiting for reassignment orders. We are at the mercy of the Defense Department

This creates interesting problems especially with schools. I rarely attended the same school year after year. Teachers never got to know me. Friends were for the moment. Memories made in passing. Continue reading

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